JockSpin is no more.

We did some cool things in our short existence. We assembled an awesome team of impassioned advisors and associates. We created an elegant, unique, and easy to use iPhone and iPad app to navigate news and tweets curated for one's favorite sports teams. Featured on Bloomberg, MSN, and others, and named "one of the best sports news apps of its kind" by The Examiner, our app was favored by countless users. We developed a powerful back-end that sourced news from thousands of sources and tweets from all the resources available via Twitter. We made our thousands of daily headlines available to Wordpress sites via a plugin, downloaded and utilized by thousands of sites and the number one sports plugin at There's more, considerably more, but in the end we just couldn't get the business case to work, with the final "nail in the coffin" being the the rather surprising discovery that users were almost completely uninterested in tweets. Who knew?

It was truly fun, but alas, was.

James Hawkins
Miami, Florida